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This is a page specially dedicated to the lives that have supported me along my journey. You deserve the acknowledgment. I am who I am today, based on the love and support you have provided me. My heart shines forth much gratitude and blessings for you in the upcoming months and years. May you receive great Blessings and Fortunes Dear Souls. May you recognize the Light that lies within you and trust the undfolding of your life. I dare You to Believe...


My BeLoved Father, David  & Mother, Natalie Stanley 
My Brother, Matthew Stanley

My GrandParents, Linda C Springer, Lawrence Grant, Gail R. Tardif & Gerald Tardif

My Loving Aunts, Chantal Janvrin, Claire Ciraface, Claire Brewer

& Bernadine DeRosa

My Encouraging and Uplifting Uncles, Dana & DeanAmato

Supporting Cousins: Glen, Ben,Alana Janvrin, Ivy & Tim Kniffen, Danielle Glenn & Taylor McNeil







My friends from far:
Sambeet Kumar Ray, Nicole Fioravanti, Hilary Jo,Marya von Shmidt, Kaitlyn Marcinko, Emily Aronica, Nicole DiGiovanni, Megan O'Connor, Francesca Valeri, Brittany Gullotto, Brittany & Wilfrin Hiciano, Ryan Steele, Collen Rillos, Kunal Gupta, Ayce Griego, Burcu Altinas, Katie Flanigan











SGI Members, Arizona
Arcadia, Tempe and Ahwatukee East District, Mrs. Walter, Ved, Lesley Wilson, Dana Jones, Paulette Daniels, Francis Ortega, Walther Seminario, June Walters, Mikey Price, April Didlake, Kathi Brennan, Maggie, Margrit, Kusako Horiuchi,Mohan Nadarajah, Sid Paralkar, Sanjay Sinha, Sagar Sinha, Ryan, Theresa Reese, Deana, Nikhil Sonawane, Sujata Sinha, Makoto Horiuchi, Adam Db, Joshua Sherrill & Peter Parr











Southwest Insitute of Healing Arts:
To my Teachers, Linda Bennett, James Patrick, Kathy Shimpock, Elmas Vincent,  Sharon Rose, Will Zecco, Natalie McGovern, Richard Seeman & KC Miller




Nicole Fonvich, Stephen Crawford, Ann Cabano,  Keely Lattanzio, Indigo Jones, Tamara Lucero, Keri Wade, Sandy O"Neal, Barbara Weinberg, Nicholas Love, Lara Lynn, Leslie Paige, Wendy Carroll, Andrea Finch, Sherene Bean, Kingsley, Christine Ann,Tatum Valdez, Tiffany Tucker, Tok Tok Thomas, Lisa Grunwald, Lisa Saylan, Michael Sclafani, Mikey Martinez, Christine Iring, Sarah Rosie, Vivian Grace, Chaney B Jones, Ash Leigh Rex, Ciara Bossart, Andrew Huvvee, Jenna Marie Spicer, Misha Tanner, Waterlove Shepard, Romeo Porto, Andrew Dominguez, Lance Martinez,  Delia Tobin,  Jillian Holper, Sara Bear, Jessica Harrison, Robby Christine, April Sanchez, Joshua Laureles, Alexa Moody, Cherie Yvonne Lee, Hector Juan Quiroz Jr







Landmark Education: Scottsdale, Arizona & Denver Colorado 

Cindy Carpenter, Wes Putnam,Marina Sachakova, David Arnold, Carrie Bohner, Angela Mansfield, Nikki Cunningham, Daniel & Jeanine Baliton














My Teachers: Los Angeles, California

Phil Good, Sareh DeLaine, Dr. Daisaku Ikeda, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, NealeDonald Walsch Abraham & Ester Hicks








Former Colleagues: Phoenix & Mesa Arizona 
Mary Schulte, Jo Cromarty, Debbie, Hope Redeemed, Gayle Martin, Douglas D., Barbara Blutte, Libbi Rich, Aaron Foster, Paul Galdys, Monika Weldon, D.C & The Members











Friends from the Zen Insitiute,
Scottsdale Arizona:

Wen Chi, Laura, Nate, Leah Perkins





My Loving Pets:
Pixie, Angel, Valenti, Simba, Ella & Apollo










Special Thanks:

Ashley Kendrick 

Glen Janvrin

Everett & Mallory Springer

Mellisa Cambel

Perla Phillips

Maria Amato
The Brunker Family

Mimi & CaraLin Mokarzel 

Susan & Bill Holden
Gina Penna

Marguerita Reczycki

Bhante Nanda
Andrea Alberti
Father Brian & Matt

Donna & Molly Ehmann

Leo Martinez

Barrett Tegner Jr.

Patty & Larry Bernstein

Amanda Jajou 


Edward Rivera














You all have touched my Heart beyond words can describe. I am beyond grateful and blessed for the love and support you have provided me. The Mystic Law will always keep us connected, brothers and sisters.
 Now it's my time to shine & show the world all that I have.                   #ThisIsME!


I  Love You, Always & Forever. 
Nicholas Stanley

#EverythingMatters #NicholasStanleyAZ

Carry Your Cross and Learn To Soar.

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