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Empower Your Employees, their Human just like you. 

  • Non Religious approach

  • Variety of scrips & techniques applied

  • Sessions are conducted on-site

  • Receive either 1-3x's a week 

  • 60 Employee's Max

  •  Inquire within for larger companies. 

1 Hour, 1 day, max of 60 employees, $1,000

1 Hour, 2x's a week, max of 60 employees, $1,900

1 Hour, 3x's a week, $2,600

1 Hour Intention:
In this experience, individual's title and role is released to begin to remember the beauty of commUNITY. To release stress of everyday life, by supporting and uplifting employees work performance. This supports the Integrity of the company, since without Intregity, nothing works, not even the employees. This group experience is lead by a Yoga 
Instructor or Hypnotherapist increasing productivity, effectiveness and most importantly communication between staff and peers. 

Southwest Spiritual Enhancement Center looks forward in creating a peaceful environment between you, employees and overall enhancement and effectiveness of the Companies Mission in the World. 

*We travel to your companies location, regardless of the City, State, or Country your in. We support HUMANS, in the awakening of what it means to live in a Peaceful and Loving Society. Out of State or Country Prices vary.

E-mail Nicholas directly,

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