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Just as You are project


A Non-Profit, that supports low income families receive modalities that they may not be able to afford, due towards lack of resources or financial reasons. Since most insurances do not consider most Holistic Services, as a valid route for one to take or to their opinion and belief  of "medicine" , we believe Holistic Care should be an equal opportunity for all. This Project will be held between large cities throughout The United States of America. Practitioners of many backgrounds of education dedicate their time to provide services such as Yoga, Reiki, Sound Healing, Meditations, etc. in  local Shelters within City Limits. 


Just As You Are Project, is a movement to spread awareness of the importance of Holistic Health and Community.


If you are interested in learning more about this project that is currently being created, would like to know how to volunteer your time, or areas that are important to you that would benefit from these services,  please contact Nicholas directly at

Treasuring Each Person, as a Gifted and Talented Human Being.

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