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Holistic Intensive Outpatient Program

Consist of 2 times per week, a total of 10 in person sessions & 1 accountability phone call per week.

* Disclosure *
This program does not consist of Psychotherapy. 

H.I.O.P is designed for individuals who are seeking to discover another approach of transforming high level anxiety, learn to develop social skills, depression, difficulty discovering their mission in life, or battling with post traumatic stress.

After your completion of the program, you will receive two individual sessions, which then will be reduced to 1  after the client feels empowered in the area of life that was holding them back from reaching their Highest Potential. Clients will receive a Certificate of Completion after their achievements.  


Session 1   Session 2  Session 3  Session 4 Session 5  Session 6  Session 7  Session 8  Session 9  Session  10  Session 11

1. Group Orientation.
Participants will receive their books & binder for the up coming month.      

2.  Group Coaching, EFT, NLP.

3. Group Coaching, EFT, NLP

4. Individual Hypnosis, EFT, Sound Healing

5. Inner Twin Re-Union

6. Individual Hypnosis, Sound Healing

11. Reiki Sharing between Participants. Encouraged to share their writings / experience in group.

Graduation will be held; Family and Friends are welcome to attend and receive Reiki as well. 

7.Developing Forward moving Action Plan

8. Individual Hypnosis,  Sound Healing


9. Vision Board preparation
10. Group Share, Dialogue, Sound Healing & EFT 


Please note, group settings will be determined by the amount of participants requesting services. Each month will be a new group of individuals. If this months group is filled, please contact to schedule in advanced.*

Payment plans are offered; we do not accept insurance.
We thank you for your interest and determination in advancing in your personal lives. You make ALL the difference in the world. Keep Shinning!

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