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Southwest Spiritual Enhancement Center
Yoga, Hypnosis, Mentorship Programs Metaphysical Classes & more!  

Mindfulness classes, Neuro-Linguistic Programming,
Sound Bowl Healing
Breath work. 

We look forward in providing a luxurious experience in a peaceful, loving and healing environment  for you to rediscover pure bliss.

How Can we Help?

Areas of life you may be seeking to improve or enhance:
Please note, some of these individual experience (s) may over lap into many categories.  


Behavioral Transformation 

Spiritual Transformation

Personal / Professional Transformation

Health & Wellness 

Discover Angel & Animal Energies 

Self- Love,
Self- Control,
Fears/ Phobias
Obsessive Patterns 
Self- Esteem


Learn to connect to Spirit Guides 

Manifest / Align Desire (s)

Protection Energies 

Empowerment & Assension

Spiritual Studies

Discover & Ackolowedgm Spiritual Gift(s)

Unwanted thought patterns

Career Change

Goal Setting


Improving Relationship(s)
Creating Success

Personal Victories

Healthy Life Style 

Sleep Improvement

Pain Management 

Weight Loss/ Weight Gain

Cancer and other depilating Illness

Reduce Alcohol Abuse

Public Speaking 

Unlike many forms of "therapy", we do not expect our Client's to come to us forever. In fact, we believe in our ability to Empower our Client's as much as they are willing to be receptive too. Everyone is different and presenting issue is not always the underlying cause in which the client may think, which explains why the average number of sessions may vary depending on the individual. Hypnosis is always dependent on the openness and willingness of the Client.

Average amount of sessions needed and or encouraged:

Smoking 4-5

Weight Loss 8+

Bad Habit 3-4

Sleep 3 +

Anxiety 4 +

Fears/Phobias 4+

Confidence 4+

Public Speaking 3
Relationships 4 +

Schedule your complementary Discovery Call today to learn more information!

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