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Nicholas was born and raised in a large City located in Lynn Massachusetts, while discovering at the age of 3 a special relationship with Christ which included teaching. While growing up he had a difficult time learning the way his teachers instructed him too, however his CAN DO attitude propelled him into advancing his academic skills in way that works for him. While preparing for High School, he was on the search of expanding his relationship with Christ and attended St. Mary's High School in Lynn. However, as he continued to deepen his connection with Christ, he felt a major disconnect between what his heart was saying along with the words a typical average Priest/Church was sharing with him. At the age of 16, he became more interested in dating men. He once had a teacher approach him and said "Well I guess you have to be a Priest now, if you want to go into Heaven!" Nicholas laughed inside, but that laugh was nothing but pain and suffering. That pain, trauma and confusion followed him until he recognized his own Light within.


If you stop and think, about the amount of individuals living in today's society with scars and wounds unhealed, and start approaching people, including yourself with compassion, you will begin to experience what many refer to as that "small voice" that guides you into your hear that connects you to all of Life.


While attending college, he was involved in a major 4-car collision in Long Island, New York on December 14, 2015.  He experienced what is referred to a "Near Death Experience." After being in the hospital for 2 days, Nicholas started to regain consciousness and felt as if he woke up in a new and foreign body, or at least a world that seemed so far from what he had experienced on the other side. While he experienced the bliss of connecting to Source Energy, he received guidance from many ascended Masters. Prior to his accident, Nicholas was dealing with PTS, Major Anxiety, Depression, Borderline Personality and ADHD/ADD. He knew he needed to leave New York immediately and that Spirit was calling him out West.


His grandmother Linda, was one of the many greatest support on his journey. She discovered an outpatient center, called the Zen Instute in Scottsdale Arizona, that provided individuals with a Holistic Approach of healing their symptoms. Within a week of being in Arizona, Nicholas was fully able to come off his medication and felt more alive and steady than ever before. In his mind he would say "why doesn't the East Coast have anything like this? I miss my family and the roots I came from."  At that moment, he went on the quest of receiving extensive trainings, seminars and education to be able to open his own version of "Desert Healing." After his experience, his Spirit guided him on a journey, or as Nicholas would say "I listen to the voice and followed the signs." This journey he begins to speak about is Spiritual Enlightenment. 

Nicholas believes that individuals suffering from what society refers to as mental illness, is merely a manifestation of the undiscovered gifts and talents within those individuals. Depending on the geographical location, self-beliefs and values, these individuals struggle in discovering the Light within. Nicholas knows first hand, that the path of Spiritual Enlightenment is not easy when you're living among people who don't comprehend what is happening. He believes their Spirit is trying to awaken them to their Highest version of themselves to be able to support Humanity in this time of evolution. The way this is accomplished is through willingness, serenitypractice, patience, acceptance of Self & others, diligence and a thirst for knowledge. 

On February 13, 2019 his grandmother Linda Springer of Melrose MA, passed away suddenly from stage 4 lung cancer.  Just prior to his grandmother passing Nicholas was living in a beautiful apartment in Ahwatukee Arizona and started off his career in the traditional Mental Health Field.  He knew that his grandmother's journey on Earth wasn't ending, however just beginning in another realm of existence. Just as she was preparing for another life, so wasn't Nicholas. As Linda was beginning to experience her own Light, he made a vow, a promise that he would move back and provide those who were receptive and ready, with all of the education, training  and techniques to those who are open in the New England areaNicholas stayed in Arizona until his lease ended and felt that it was time to acknowledge that promise he made to his grandmother. Nicholas moved back to Boston in the beginning of November, prepared for the cold and fast paced environment. On his path, he discovered an office space in the Beverly Cummings Center that was exactly what he imagined his first office space to look and feel in order to provide the HIGHEST quality of care for his clients and community. Linda's loving presence will remain and continue to be felt at Southwest Spiritual Enhancement Center.

Nicholas has studied Psychology and Philosophy between Curry College and Long Island University for three years until his move into the unknown. He is a graduate of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe Arizona, while obtaining certificates in Transformational Life Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Reiki and specialized training in the treatment of Post - Traumatic Stress. Currently he is studying at The University of Sedona and Metaphysics for his PhD in Spiritual Counseling. Prior to opening his own practice, he worked as a Wellness Coach / Behavioral Health Technician for a company in Arizona where he worked and supported individuals with Serious Mental Illness & General Mental Health. Nicholas has a mission to work with individuals that are suffering from the dense energy their either picking up from themselves and others. He is a catalyst for change and growth of the Soul within that individual.  

The journey hasn't ended, for it has only begun. Nicholas plans connecting with like minded individuals over the world, bringing forth the awareness and importance of Holistic Health, Love and Compassion. As being born in Massachusetts, also known as "The Spirit of America" will expand and evolve into many other cities such as New York, New York and Los Angeles California. Let's continue to diligently work on ourselves by remembering that Love is all that is and can rise above challenges, also known as opportunities into discovering more about your mission her on Earth. 

Brothers and Sisters, I see you. You are loved, guided, protected and carry within the Brightest Light the Universe has ever given birth to. 









 Love and Light
    your brother,

    Nicholas (Xavier)

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