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Weaving the Fabric of Peace 

Dear Ones, I feel extremely grateful for the love and support I have received to build SWSEC where it is today. If it wasn't for my family, friends and acquaintances, I wouldn't have the opportunity to shine my heart and help support others who are lost in the darkness of their own mind. 
Your grace has allowed us to build a foundation based on hope, respect, love and integrity. 

If you have friends, family or individuals who might be interested in our services, just fill in the form bellow. All information is held sacredly. We're sure they would greatly appreciate your recommendation to support them on their journey. 

Light & Blessings

Simply fill in your information and provide your friend's information on the box bellow.

Path of Empowerment 

"Friendship is the most beautiful of human bonds. It is a relationship that transcends gain and loss. It is not something superficial, nor is it merely to feel sympathy or pity for another person. It is a relationship where, no matter what happens to the other person, you still care about him or her from the bottom of your heart. Friendship is a precious, irreplaceable human treasure."

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