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Simba's Story

As mentioned in the section "Meet Nicholas, Founder", Nicholas was and is blessed to have a four-legged companion by his side through the adventures, trials and the unfolding of creation on the path of Awakening to One's Highest Earthly Potential. 


Prior moving to Arizona from New York, Nicholas stayed with his Uncle and Aunt in beautiful Paradise Valley, Arizona. His Uncle had a companion, named Valente a Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  Everyday after his Uncle would leave for work, Valente would put his nose up against his bedroom door. No matter if Nicholas would "pretend" to ignore his call, he would continue to sit waiting patiently for him to open the door. 

As Nicholas was sitting in bed, he heard a tiny voice inside which said “I’m here and you’re safe.” 

Now, for a moment. How many times have you experienced wanting something so bad, that inside you feel like you can’t have, be or do? 

99.9% of the time you feel this way is based on passed experiences presenting itself in the present as false evidence. Love is always waiting, till you acknowledge it within yourself for what it is.


One day, Nicholas opened up the door and Valente sat next to him in bed and all of a sudden, he started to excessively burst in tears. He realized in that moment, how much pain he was experiencing within and that he wasn’t even able to acknowledge the pain for what it was. There was shame, guilt, regret, confusion and above all there was a sense of joy bursting through in that moment. 

After this realization, Nicholas suddenly became aware that he was hiding behind “close doors” in his everyday life, rather than being free to himself in public or at home. Nicholas never trusted the world around him and in that moment, he became an entirely different person.

Valente’s love provided Nicholas with the courage to go within and acknowledge what was to create the space of what can be for his future. He realized the gift and opportunity Valente provided to him in his own healing.


Nicholas researched around the local area for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeders nearby and came across a wonderful family Donna and Molly, both wonderful and highly recommended business owners, who run Hurricane Cavaliers and The Hairy Dog located in Phoenix, Arizona. 

While researching about the breed, Nicholas first noticed how in ancient times they would call the white spot on their foreheads “Kiss of the Buddha” which means a direct contact to Source Energy. The King’s would have Cavaliers sit next to them, to help keep their feet warm.

Eagerly waiting to pick his puppy up, Nicholas already had the name chosen “Simba.” Nicholas shares in many of his lectures his connection between Lions. Lions provide courage, strength, assertiveness and most importantly self-confidence. Which, at the time, he struggled to discover within himself. 

May 16, 2017 Nicholas was invited to come and pick out his puppy. At the very moment he went in, Nicholas had his eye on one specific puppy. When Nicholas was using his logical mind, the puppy he wanted just sat there and then came, Simba came running up to him as tears fell down his face. His heart was opened and touched forever.

The brain is a wonderful tool. But how many times has it gotten in the way of what your heart has told you to do? How did it feel when you used your logic, opposed to your heart? Or how did it feel when you choose to come from your heart, rather than your mind?

Every time you lead with love and use your logical mind to create, you become a Conscious Creator. Rather than just accepting what life has presented itself to you with. 

In that moment, Nicholas observed his thoughts and feelings and concluded that sometimes life pushes us in unfamiliar directions and we don’t know why. But those small rare moments when you feel that deep sense of connection and knowing, you realize all is well and forever will love guide and protect you along the Human Journey.  





Simba has continued traveling through planes and cars between the States of California, Arizona and New England spreading his love to those he approaches.

Nicholas trained and made Simba an Emotional Support Therapy Dog for himself, while having in the back of his head a future where Simba can support his clients during sessions upon request.



Simba is a trained emotional support dog, through the National Service Animal Registry and is part of the American Kennel Club, of Cavaliers. 

to be continued.. 

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