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Creative Wisdom

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

We believe in the innate ability that you have within, to create the life you desire. Of course, we have all had something "happen" in our lives that has created some form of obstacles, pain or suffering but your circumstances don't create your "name."

 It first starts with your belief in accepting you're worthy of receiving everything you requested to invite into your life experience. 

Through connecting with other individuals who are inspired to create peace, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender, religion, or nationality, we create what we all desire, that humankind has forgotten.  Your worst enemy has a role, including you.  Why not be yourself and listen to your own Heart Desires? Every morning you wake up, you have the ability to take action today with a clean slate. 

We believe in trusting the opposite of fear which is love, and that love is all that is. It's a simple, yet complex human experience that creates unity, peace and connection that links humanity together as ONE mind and many in BODY. 

The world is full of capable Youth that will create the generations to come. This is accomplished through their determination to be a Beacon of Light, regardless of their circumstances. 

When you let go of resistance, you invite in everything that your Inner Being has desired from the moment of birth to your current moment, NOW. 

One thing that is definite in life is, change. If we continue to stay with old out dated beliefs that might've not even been yours from the beginning, the universe will exercise your ability to allow love to open your heart to receive an expanded awareness of what and who you are becoming.

Why not have fun with others on this Creative Journey, we call Life? 

Nicholas B. Stanley Founder & Director

Southwest Spiritual Enhancement Center

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